Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bye Bye Facebook

More accurately it's "Bye Bye Graeme" says Facebook, as they have disabled my account as of yesterday with no warning or explanation. And I have absolutely no idea why. Perhaps others can enlighten me as to my unacceptable behaviour?

This really upset me as Facebook has contrived to be the crack cocaine of social networking sites and I feel like a digital outcast. Having come so soon after the Picasa problem I do have some suspicions that there may be a concerted effort going on.

This isn't one I can workaround, though I did initially set up another account, but no confirmation email came to my work address to allow me to 'click to confirm' and I have since not been able to access that either.

So my Facebook friends as were will have to find me here or on Twitter as I'm not staying where I'm not wanted. Please spread the word if you know a mutual friend.

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