Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cricket Totty - James Anderson in Attitude

Sorry, I've been a bit slow to pick up on this - maybe because it was made public on my birthday on Monday which was also a local holiday.

Anyway, England cricketer has become the latest straight celeb to drop 'em for "Attitude" in their October issue. It accompanies a pro-gay interview.

Of course Anderson already has posed naked with colleagues Stuart Broad and Alastair Cook in "Cosmopolitan".

There definitely seems to be a great change in attitude happening within sport as regards this sort of thing. Possibly generational, as the stars have generally been in their 20s, and also to attract a new audience to their respective sports.

Whether we get to the levels seen in Brazil's G magazine (with straight celebs not only showing off full frontal but getting hard and doing cumshots) is another matter, though full frontal is gaining ground via Dieux du Stade's calendar. Yet to see who's exposing themselves in the 2011 edition.

On a related note. it also appears the Edinburgh rugby team are doing another calendar. Let's hope they have learned from their mistakes in the 2010 one - they are putting in some sort of effort already, as three of them bravely faced Festival crowds and paraded in their pants on the Royal Mile last month, which one of them hinted was calendar related.

(Ross Ford, Tim Visser and Alex Grove)

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