Saturday, 15 April 2006

Bad Loser

There's a certain type of politician that seems to be gaining prominence on the world stage. They're not related by creed, ideology or anything logical like that - all they are are populist grandstanders bluntly telling the people what they want to hear, especially if it upsets those outwith their electorate or fiefdom, but all the while following their own selfish agendas. To me they act like big kids who want all the toys and refuse to give them back. Whatever can be said of Bush and Blair (and I could say a lot) they haven't quite hit that low watermark yet, whereas the deposed Saddam still talks the talk from the dock. The other most abominable current examples are Mugabe in Zimbabwe and "Ach -Ma-Dinner-Jacket" in Iran (and I have increasing reservations about Hugo Chavez), neither of whom seem to be going away any time soon. Thankfully another chronic case looks on the way out, but in a typically inelegant fashion. I speak of that fine, upstanding and not-at-all-criminal-oh-no Silvio Berlusconi. If you crossed Rupert Murdoch with one of the dodgier members of UKIP you might be close to a UK version. I've never seen a more textbook example of the term 'bad loser'.

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