Tuesday, 4 April 2006

That'll Teach 'Em - Series 3

There's always a whiff of fetish about this series (possibly why it appeals) which returns for a third run on Channel 4 tonight. Unlike the ITV series "(Bad) Lads Army" which it so obviously inspired (same stable) there is a bit more of an educational and experimental angle here, though the producers are having some fun with the themes and stereotypes too.

Having dipped into 1960s grammar schools last time, the show returns to the 1950s once more but this time splits the boys from the girls, to see the effect of a single-sex education. Dunno if they'll deal with the issue of actual sexuality - the hunch is that the lack of distraction from the opposite sex increases academic achievement (esp for boys) but if you were gay, that would surely cancel out?

Anyway, the wacky Simon Warr is back - now promoted to Headmaster - so it's bound to be high on ham.

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