Sunday, 2 April 2006

More "Doctor Who" totty - Tom MacRae

Looking cute enough to go before the cameras himself this is whizzkid scripter Tom MacRae who has written the key 2-parter in Season 2 which re-introduces the Cybermen (due to air in the UK on 13/20 May).

Tom is only 26 but has also written for "Mile High", "As If", "No Angels", "Marple", "Mayo" and the Paris Hilton movie "Nine Lives". He's also got a children's book out called "The Opposite".

The photo comes from the newly out "Doctor Who Magazine", issue 368, where Tom is interviewed.

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Anonymous said...

He's not 26... He graduated from Goldsmiths college in 1999, which would have made him 16 when he started his degree if that was true...

Graeme said...

Someone is telling porkies then - either DWM or Tom himself!

He's still cute though.

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